Help your customers to easily choose a product according their needs and clearly understand why the product fits their needs 

Assist your salespeople or experts to save training time and sell faster and better your entire offer 

Choosing become easier than ever in 3 steps and 2 minutes 

A series of very simple questions based on the customers’ uses and adapting questionnaires that change according the answers like in a real human conversation. 

A selection of products within your offer that correspond to the best compromise possible between all customers’needs. 

Generation of a 100% personalized explanation to instantly understand how a product fits the needs and finalize the choice. 

AI-driven technology for the most advanced 

Intelligent Digital Assistant

Basic Filters or Decision Trees lead to poor user experiences (too much or no results) and irrelevant recommendations (no compromise possible)

Soyooz has developed the most advanced sales assistant on the market. Powered by Artificial Intelligence it’s the only one that :

  • asks questions according the needs of a customer,  like in a real conversation
  • makes the best compromises to deliver highly relevant recommendations, taking into account all customers’ needs
  • generates personalized explanations for each recommendation

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Why change your customer’s experience now ?

Choising is always complex

Customers are often more overwhelmed by too many choices or technical criteria than we think they are. Finding a product or a service can be a nightmare when the customer is not an expert. 

Real recommendations improve sales 

 Reveal your customers’ needs and offers them a personalized selection of products that fit these needs via a customer-friendly experience.

Understand your customers is key

Collect extremely relevant data about your real customers’ needs. These data are key to better target your customers and leads as well as matching your offer with their expectations. 

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They innovated with us !

“It’s a great experience working with soyooz. Everything has been easy to implement. Our in-house experts have beeen impressed with the relevancy of the recommendations.  “

Laure Guillamaud

Head of Websites Animation at Samsung

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